Evenflo Parallel Tandem Stroller, Glenbarr Grey

The Identical Tandem Baby stroller is totally showcased to meet all your parenting needs with the ease of two baby strollers in one for your expanding family. It includes full-size luxury that is smooth and trendy for the modern moms and dad. This distinct infant stroller has dual settings. Mommies could keep an eye on their babe in carriage setting, parent-facing, turn the seat to forward-facing setting, OR turn the seats to enable kids to face each other. Just press the handle as well as turn to the opposite. The cover flips as well – It resembles two strollers in one. Each mode enables strong development and also links with parent as well as the globe around them. Moms and dad encountering setting can assist sustain the bond between moms and dad as well as child, while forward facing enables youngsters to discover and also discover their environment.Evenflo is committed to enriching kids’s lives- their safety, their care as well as their future. For virtually a century, Evenflo has actually been a leader in safety, advancement as well as education and learning. We have actually been by parents’ side, earning their count on as they care for their latest and also most valuable member of the family.

Price: $179.99


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